Story of my life

On December 2nd, 2017 at 5 am in the morning, I had a motorcycle accident. According to the police I was lucky that I was still alive, because I was wearing a helmet. After the accident I felt that I had lost everything.

At that time I didn’t have so many customers at my bar. My Greek band Heritage wasn’t active anymore. I lost a lot of people that I thought they were friends and after that “BOOM”, I crashed my head in a car. I didn’t know why all of these happened and where is my fault. But I realized again how fragile we are and in a sec we can be dead.

The truth is that most of them happened because I had a dream to come to Los Angeles. I guess some of the close people I had, didn’t like that I wanted to follow my dreams. They tried to make me feel bad for everything I have achieved with a lot of risk and hard work. They turned their back to me. They started saying gossips. They made me feel depressed. Finally my drinking habits went to the highest level, because I tried to be nice to everyone when no one wanted to listen what I’ve been through. You know, Kostas is so strong. This is what I was hearing. And of course about the accident they knew that was matter of time to happen.
Anyway this is a long story and I really don’t like to speak about that on social media. But what I want to say is DO NOT let anyone to hold you back from your F****** dreams. No one knows except YOU, what is the best for yourself. Keep dreaming. Keep setting higher goals. Keep fighting for them. Keep believing for a better future. Keep studying and working hard. Keep listening to your heart. We are all the same. No one is better from you. Don’t let people with no balls to follow their dreams, to tell you what is right or wrong. Do not forget that “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.
Now after 3 years of the accident, I realized that everything I wanted and believed, I had it & never regretted for my choices. I keep dreaming. I am grateful & thankful for everything I’ve been given through out my life. I found people that they are truly my friends and care about me.
So, keep believing and don’t be afraid to dream. By the way, sometimes it’s good to raise your middle finger & say “Motherfuuuucker”. 🖕💀🖕